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User terms


DesignModle is a website. You can subscribe to download models, stickers and tutorials in it


-Content:Models, textures, tutorials, and support provided by DesignModle

-Account:It is the account for the user to register the name and password after accepting the terms and                                           conditions of the DesignModle website;

-Member:Be at least 18 years old and have purchased the account of a website subscription member;

​-Privacy Policy:It is about the specification of personal information processing applied on the DesignModle website;                             

register account

-Every real person who is interested in receiving consultations on the DesignModle website can use their personal        email and other information to register;

​-Account is non-transferable;

Member subscription

-When you register for an account with a website, you can choose to purchase a subscription of the website to          become a subscription member;

​-Every real person who becomes a subscriber member must be at least 18 years old. If you are under 18, you need   to use the account of a parent or legal guardian who is at least 18 years old, and that adult will be responsible for   all your activities;

Download product

Download product

-When you register for an account, you can download free products provided by DesignModle;

-When you purchase a DesignModle website subscription membership, you can download all products on the              website during this membership period


-You can use Paypal for payment subscriptions. You may have to pay a handling fee;

-We have no control over the cost of converting all currencies into the DesignModle membership you subscribe to. Each financial institution has its own currency conversion;

​-When your subscription membership time expires, if you do not renew the payment, your membership will stop:

Refund or cancel

-Since we provide online content, once purchased, users can download all content on the website, so we will not      refund or cancel the purchased subscription members;


Intellectual property

-We own the model, texture, and tutorial intellectual property rights of the DesignModle website;

​-But we do not own the intellectual property rights of the other party, such as product design, original manufactured products under the brand, this is the ownership of the brand party. If your project requires the use of any brand's intellectual property rights, you need to obtain the consent of that brand;


Conditions of Use

-Any 3D content downloaded from the DesignModle website can be used for your private or commercial projects

-If the project permits, the content may not be sold, distributed, redistributed, transferred, transferred or                   exported in the original format or other formats;

-The content can be modified according to your needs, but any such modification is still a derivative of the               original format and cannot be sold or distributed as your own;


Privacy Policy

- We respect your privacy. When you become a subscription member, you will provide us with some information.      To learn more about how we use this information, please read our privacy policy.


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